What’s In A Name?

Theresa’s personal thoughts on the name….

And so, the Lord gave to Israel the land He had sworn to their fathers He would give them. Once they had conquered and occupied it, the Lord gave them peace on every side, just as He has promised their fathers. Not one of their enemies could withstand them; the Lord brought all their enemies under their power. Not a single promise that the Lord made to the house of Israel was broken; every one was fulfilled.” Joshua 21: 43-45

So much of “Entering Canaan” has been a miracle to me. I feel like a bystander who God has richly blessed to reveal His desire for this ministry through my own healing experience. So much of its inception flowed from His grace, and although The Sisters and I brought the beginnings materially into being,  it has continued to grow, and is truly born of His Spirit.

Perhaps one of the biggest evidences of His grace was in naming the ministry. We had been asked to write a manual for the post abortive work we were doing, but we had no name for it, so we began to pray for God to reveal to us what it was He wanted the ministry to be called. As so often has been the case in this work, our name was revealed in the same way many other aspects of the ministry were; while in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

While doing a Holy Hour and thinking about everything but a name for the ministry, I suddenly was hit in a very clear way with “Entering Canaan”. I remember thinking, “What the heck is that suppose to mean God? How would this fit in with post abortion healing?” I knew Canaan was the Promised Land, but I had no clue as to how this would fit into the ministry. I decided I would go home and read the story of the journey of the Israelites.

As I moved through the books of the bible relating their journey, it began to make so much sense that this would be the name. For the Israelites, the journey into Canaan was filled with much trial and tribulation. So many times they wanted to quit because they could not handle the temptations and the many battles they had to fight. Some abandoned the journey, some worshiped false gods, but others persevered and trusted in the promise of God, that they should not fear, that He would be with them always, even if they did not feel or see His presence, and that they would reach the Promised Land.

These bibles verses were so reminiscent of the journey of post abortion healing …of course “Entering Canaan”! Like the Israelites, so many times we who are post abortive are tempted to quit our healing journey. We want to turn back into denial and rationalization, worship false gods and believe the lies of the devil. We do not trust the Lord being with us, but if we preserve, like the promise to the Israelites His promises hold true to us as well.

joshuaHowever, my amazement with God did not stop there. As I finished reading, I was overcome with awe when I noticed which book of the bible it was that the Israelites actually entered Canaan. The book of Joshua. The same name I had given my aborted son over twenty year before and way before my healing. It was as if God had it planned from the beginning, and there was no doubt as to what the ministry would be named.


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