“There is no occupation or social condition,” Pope Francis said, “no sin or crime of any kind, that could erase from the memory and the heart of God even one of His children.” God is a Father, always keeping a watchful and loving vigil “to see reborn in the hearts of the child the desire to return home. And when He recognizes that desire, even simply stated, He is immediately close by, and with His forgiveness He makes the path of conversion and return easier.” Pope Francis

It is no secret that those who suffer from abortion often experience a multitude of feelings, including but not limited to, guilt, shame, grief, and an alienation from God, themselves and their unborn children.

The aftermath of abortion also often leads to destructive behaviors including addictions, unhealthy relationships, self hatred, and  promiscuity, just to name a few. It is also true that often these behaviors are present and contribute to the decision to abort.

Through developing a personal,living relationship with God; learning the dynamics of abortion, how to identify and how to combat personal abortion “connectors, while having the support of others, (this sometimes includes referrals to professionals in addition to ministry), Entering Canaan has assisted countless numbers of women in their journey to God’s healing mercy and forgiveness.

Come journey with us to the Promised Land !


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