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Entering Canaan Manual English:  Entering Canaan Retreat manual from HAA(1)

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Entering Canaan Overview

Beginning the Journey: Days of Prayer & Healing, the message of hope for those hurting. This would be the first thing they would attend after the call and whatever phone contact you have had with them up to the day. The purpose is to give hope of healing through healing a testimony, a video “Dear Children”, sharing their stories with one another, the group process, the afternoon has a talk on naming your child, time before the Blessed Sacrament, the sacrament of reconciliation and a memorial mass at which time they would, if they chose to name their child. The day ends with reading together the prayer to Our Lady entrusting our children to her. (A weekend version is also available)

Fighting the Battles: Monthly Gatherings (groups) addressing specific post abortion issues. Each month would focus on a different PA issues such as grief, forgiveness, shame, denial etc. It begins with prayer before the Blessed Sacrament with a scripture verse that would have questions pertaining to abortion after it, then a group sharing on what came up for them and ways to combat these abortion triggers.

Hope & Healing Weekends: This is the first weekend they would attend. It consists of delving more deeply into the wounds of shame, grief, anxiety, self hatred, anger and other post abortion manifestations. There are a series of conferences which contain a talk by a woman who is addressing a specific issue, then a talk by a priest. An example would be “Acknowledging our sin” we all know how many women get stuck on the “I cannot believe I did that”, so the woman would speak on her experience with that and what measure she took to move past it, The priest would then give a follow up talk incorporating the women’s struggles and applying Christ’s teachings. The weekend has 5 conferences. It also has time before the Blessed Sacrament, sharing, the sacraments etc.

Special Gatherings: Advent, Mother’s Day and other times that may be particularly painful for those who have lost a child through abortion. If you go on the EC site, in the video you can see some themes for these. They are one day retreats. Each theme is related back to PA healing.some themes have been “Look at the Humility of God”; “The Birth of Mercy” etc

Mercy Retreats: This is a yearly renewal weekend retreat to aid in continued growth and healing emotionally and spiritually in relation to abortion but also growth in relationship with God. Women come who have been involved for 1 month, one year, ten years. The theme always calls us into deeper healing and relationship with Christ and also has 5 conferences in the same format as the H&H weekend. Past themes have been “Keeping our Eyes on Christ” – which focuses on continuing to trust in Him in spite of feeling we may have condemning us…faith and trust are not a “feeling”. The Entering Canaan” retreat which parallels the journey of the Israelites to the journey to PA healing…facing battles, doubting God, etc etc, but in the end they reach the Promised Land.

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